Hello.  My name is Greg Vajdos, and I teach beginner guitar lessons to children and adults in Taylor Lake Village, Texas, which is about 30 miles south of Houston in the Clear Lake area.  Other neighboring communities include Taylor Lake Village, El Lago, Kemah, and Webster.

I’ve been playing the guitar for 25 years, starting off with the $150 Fender pawn shop acoustic guitar that you see below.  This guitar has gone with me countless times across Texas, on trips to various states, and to many campouts.  While I now have several other acoustic and electric guitars, I will always keep this one because it was my first.

If you have a guitar (any guitar) that’s just been sitting around waiting to be played, see my Contact page, give me a call or shoot me an email, and let’s get started!

A photo of my Fender pawn shop acoustic guitar leaning against a cistern at my father's farm in Karnes City, Texas.